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There is a common misunderstanding that people over thirty still playing video games are sometimes placed in perpetual childhood; It stems from many people's misunderstanding of the fact that both - games and adults - have grown and evolved together.

But there is a second misunderstanding, no less common, within the video game industry and culture and it consists of the internalization of the idea of progress; that conviction that any past time was worse and that in every facet the public has been compensated with improvements.

This article is about classic games and how they have endured, but first and foremost it is about them, the first generation, their nostalgia and their passion for keeping alive and renewed the original scene of the enormous industry and the phenomenal and prestigious cultural movement that it has ended up constituting. the video game world.

retro gaming nostalgia

This story begins when the Nostalgia Retro Gaming project crosses our path, a seductive initiative for all of us who were part of the fauna of arcades in their golden age and had fooled around with the idea of having an “arcade machine” at home. An idea that inevitably collided with the space and configuration of our homes, in whose negotiation it was always classified in the section “something that we will surely have, of course, when we have a bigger house”.


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nostalgia called arcade machine



The arcade machine is as it is presented, a fairly handcrafted product made of wood with plastic buttons and a metal joystick, illustrations made by hand in vinyl paintings with acrylics with a custom art of adjusted dimensions in which we install the required games with emulators  Mame .


And where all of a sudden you get a little bit of 80s magic. When you turn on the device, you run one of the games and suddenly there's Sir Arthur, Ken and Ryu, Mike Haggar, Joe Musashi and so many others.


This little machine will be made of wood and plastic because of the shape factor or because of the design-tribute to the emblematic games of those years or because it keeps alive the ritual of pressing the “1 player” button to start the game.

  To put coins 😀

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