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Please send us the information about the character_lumazcomics 45 USD.png

Customer will receive a 10% discount on the price as a new order for each order listed. Please note that the minimum delivery time is 6 days from the acceptance of the order on the artwork sketches.

Tell us your story, I will bring it to life with my drawings


For a comic e ilustration commission, the price is determined by the page background beat. great! 


- No Cover + 1 pages Color, The minimum price of $ 75 USD

- No Cover + 5 pages Color, The minimum price of $ 270 USD

- No Cover + 6 pages Color, The minimum price of $ 330 USD

- With Cover + 10 pages Color, The minimum price of $ 550 USD

- With Cover + 20 pages Color, The minimum price of $ 1100 USD



- Minimum is four or six panels for a comic commission.

- Discounts can't be applied to comics

- Deadlines: If you want to set a deadline then you'll have an extra
charge of 50% over the price. Please note that
the minimum deadline is 90 days when the commission is accepted.




What you will get is a digital picture, and you will receive it in your email.
Only the commissioner owns the full resolution JPEG/PNG file.
The COMICS resolution will be : Width 2067 px X High 3136 px resolution 350 xp

Exact size to read on digital tablet or ipad

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-26 072248.png

Commission payments can be made here, is a link to tipping.



I accept Western Union only. I will give you my account id when it will be necessary. 

About the payment, you have two options :

1. Pay 100% in advance (that's preferable)

2. Pay 50% now and 50% after the commission is done.

Please feel free to take at look in my Comics to get better idea of my tastes or send me 

an e-mail if you have any questions..


You can contact me at:

👇My Comics for Adults in Selling 👇

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