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I don't paywall anything I make, but if you are generous and would like to support me here's a link to tip!

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Welcome to my website 

Hi, I'm Lumaz. Born in Colombia in 1985, caricaturist, cartoonist, plastic artist and I also love pixel art. Here I'll be collecting links and downloads of videogames I've created, as well as art and other stuff of mine. If you have something to ask me, or you want to follow me more actively, check out the links on the right, I hope you enjoy my work!

We've been doing freelance comics and art for people since 2011 by myself - check it out above in the website bar! 

Now Retros games with 🕹️ an 8bit Engine with a 16bit soul for modern people like you.



Games & Creations by Lumaz


If you like this style of drawings, please subscribe and give me lots of likes to keep drawing and supporting me on newgrounds.

I will be posting art, video game and comic content on the site.

I've been doing small game projects for about 6 years at this point. Along the way I've been acquiring the ability to do many things related to this medium. That includes coding, art, animation, sound and music. Some of my skills as an animator I've used to freelance on pixel art games. When I'm not making games, my biggest passion is drawing. I always feel like I'm improving.

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