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Make the unthinkable a reality


Hi, I'm Luis Fernando Maestre Zambrano.

I am a plastic artist and comic illustrator, since I was a child I was interested in the world of comics and video games from the day I saw it for the first time on television.


That was love at first sight, when I started to draw and since then everything I saw I drew it. Until I learned more about the art world watching my father doing his paintings.


I studied computer science to be able to understand the design programs where I can draw my graphic illustrations.


I work as a freelance illustrator doing stories for anonymous clients and companies with my own studio.


I have participated in art exhibitions and cultural events, where my oil paintings on canvas have been shown.


Thanks to you, we have the resources to work with this wonderful art that is available to everyone.


* Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer Upgrade.

* Clip Studio Pro.

* Aseprites.

* Pro Motion NG.


All original for my artwork, I'm glad to have it complete and what's missing.


(we think you will like it).


is an abbreviation of my first and last name, so that I could identify myself as an artist and friend became common where I live. Freelance work In my own studio Lumaz Indie Comics: "Make the unthinkable a reality". As their slogan says.

COMICS: The term COMIC is an accepted borrowing from the English language (comic, i.e. "funny"), which today is understood as a synonym for comic strips or graphic novel. In any case, it is an artistic expression, a means of communication consisting of a series of illustrations that allows the reader to recompose a story of any kind of genre.

INDIE: INDIE is the abbreviation of the English term "independient" which in Spanish means "Independentes". As such, indie can be seen as a modern style that encompasses musical, cinematographic and fashion genres that do not have the support of large masses, nor the backing of recognized sponsors and that is why it belongs to an independent genre.


It is the development of comic creations and Independent 2D retro games.


Reach the audience that wants to tell stories.



Bring your stories to life in some of the comics and create my videogames🕹️

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